Interfaith Wedding for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle. Credit: Genevieve

For those of you who follow the lives of the royal family, Prince Harry’s relationship with Suits star Meghan Markle got a renewed buzz when Elle UK and the Express reported that the two can now be married at Westminster Abbey.

Because Markle was married before, there was question of whether Prince Harry could follow in the footsteps of his brother, Prince William, and get married at Westminster Abbey. His father chose a civil ceremony for his second marriage.

The other issue that has come into question for the couple is one of faith. There is wide speculation that Markle is Jewish and therefore, would most likely have an interfaith wedding. However, because she attended a Roman Catholic high school, there are also rumors that she is Roman Catholic. Even with amendments to the Act of Settlement of 1701, a Roman Catholic is still not able to become a monarch since it conflicts with the monarchy also being the head of the Church of England.

Still, the excitement for another royal wedding is definitely in the air. Now it’s up to Prince Harry (or Meghan) to pop the big question! We hope to hear wedding bells soon.

Phyllis Myung


Author: Phyllis Myung