Our Team

Meet our team dedicated to unlocking Jewish

Jodi Bromberg | Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (617) 581-6804 | Email: jodi@18doors.org

Jodi Bromberg has been a part of 18Doors since October 1, 2013—the day that the Pew Report on Jewish Americans came out—and became (what 18Doors was called at the time), InterfaithFamily’s CEO in 2015. She has written for numerous publications, and spoken at conferences, synagogues and Jewish institutions around the country about the importance of creating comfortable, inclusive spaces for interfaith families in Jewish life. Jodi lives outside of Boston with her wife and three children, where she remains a diehard New York Yankees fan. Prior to joining 18Doors, Jodi was a corporate attorney in the Philadelphia area, and is a proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Temple University Beasley School of Law.

Rabbi Robyn Frisch | Director of the Rukin Rabbinic Fellowship

Phone: (215) 207-0990 | Email: robyn@18doors.org

As Director of the Rukin Rabbinic Fellowship, Rabbi Frisch is proud to work with a select group of rabbis throughout the US and Canada who provide programs, workshops and other services for interfaith couples and families within their communities. Rabbi Frisch believes strongly that diversity and inclusion are good for the Jewish people and she is committed to helping individuals, couples and families of all kinds to feel comfortable doing Jewish and engaging with the Jewish community. Rabbi Frisch is married to Rabbi Seth Frisch, with whom she has three children: Benji, Noah and Tali. She enjoys taking her dog Bo for walks and traveling with her family.

Stacie Garnett-Cook | Chief Program Officer

Phone: (617) 581-6862 | Email: stacie@18doors.org

Stacie is committed to developing new programs and strategic initiatives that support 18Doors. As Chief Program Officer, she is dedicated to the mission of empowering interfaith couples and families. Being Jewish has always been an important part of her identity. As someone who is in an interfaith marriage herself, Stacie can wholeheartedly relate to the joys and complexities of being in an interfaith family.

When she’s not working, Stacie enjoys spending time with her son, who has helped her learn and grow in new ways. She loves being outdoors, doing yoga, and anything with chocolate!

Molly Kazin | Outreach and Engagement Manager, 18Doors Boston

Phone: (617) 581-6857 | Email: molly@18doors.org

As the Outreach and Engagement Manager for the Boston Innovation Hub, it’s Molly’s passion to connect interfaith couples in the Boston area to resources and tools unlocking aspects of Jewish culture and traditions. With a passion for food and drink, Molly enjoys visiting the numerous breweries in the Boston area, plus baking and cooking at home. Kugel is one of her favorite foods, and is one of the few ways she will tolerate raisins. She especially loves hearing her friends who have never had kugel try to pronounce the word.

Jane Maine | Program Manager

Phone: (978) 265-8625 | Email: jane@18doors.org

Jane thrives on making meaningful connections - demonstrating that interfaith isn’t a barrier to finding a Jewish clergy to officiate lifecycle events. When she is not working as the Program Manager for 18Doors’ Officiation Referral service, Jane is a political junkie and volunteers for presidential and local campaigns. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, two adult children, and many grandchildren. She’s a huge fan of Jewish cuisine with her favorite dish being traditional chopped liver.

Heather Martin | Chief Operating Officer

Phone: (617) 581-6843 | Email: heather@18doors.org

Heather leverages her 20-years of multi-faceted executive experience to help solve complex business problems and drive change at 18Doors as its COO. When she is not working, Heather seems to always be looking for the missing sock in the washer or helping her two boys get to their next activity. Much to the chagrin of her partner, her favorite Jewish recipe is chopped liver!

Rachael Martin | Director of Strategic Partnerships

Phone: (323) 252-1041 | Email: rachael@18doors.org

Rachael believes that Jewish community works best when we collaborate with each other. In her role as Director of Strategic partnerships she works with Jewish organizations of all kinds to forward 18Doors’ mission to inform and amplify innovative work that speaks to interfaith couples and families. Rachael is inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of her 18Doors colleagues and the opportunity to work in an environment that reflects the reality of the Jewish community. Rachael lives in LA and has twice gotten through the first two days of the Daf Yomi cycle before going back to reading mysteries and snow-bound adventures, but this time she’s going to make it Her favorite Jewish-inspired dish is a scallion pancake challah.

Mike Navisky | Director of Development

Phone: (617) 581-6805 | Email: mike@18doors.org

Mike is passionate to be part of an organization that is helping to strengthen the Jewish community and celebrate the diversity and inclusion of interfaith families. As director of development, he supports the financial aspects of 18Doors and its mission, including communication and collaboration with funders. During his free time, Mike enjoys spending quality time with his wife, their two kids, and his labradoodle, Callie. He loves gardening and dabbles in photography. Mike’s favorite dishes are spinach fila and a traditional Egyptian soup called Molokheya.

Rabbi Malka Packer-Monroe | Director 18Doors, Atlanta

Phone: (404) 991-2238| Email: malka@18doors.org

Rabbi Malka Packer-Monroe is deeply committed to helping interfaith couples and their families find deeper meaning in both their spiritual and daily lives. As a rabbi, educator, and director at 18Doors in Atlanta, she is proud to provide interfaith workshops, programming, and counseling, along with officiating weddings and baby naming ceremonies. Rabbi Packer-Monroe was ordained from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 2014. She and her wife welcomed a baby in July of 2019 and are enjoying time together as a family.

Brian Phair | Associate Director of Development

Phone: (617) 581-6806 | Email: brian@18doors.org

Brian, also known as B-Dogg to his colleagues and friends, is proud to support fundraising for 18Doors nationally. In his role as Associate Director of Development, he supports the financial aspects of 18Doors in order to break down barriers and make Jewish life inclusive for all. When he’s not at work, Brian can be found spending time with his wife and their two daughters, Mira and Elana. Brian’s favorite Jewish dish is a twist on a classic -- a Southern dry-rub brisket.

Lindsey Silken | Director of Content

Phone: (617) 581-6808 | Email: lindsey@18doors.org

Lindsey Silken, the director of content at 18Doors, drives the content and voice connecting interfaith couples and families to Jewish. As the Editorial Director at 18Doors, Lindsey oversees all things digital and content-related, including as the voice behind its social media for interfaith couples and families. Outside of work, Lindsey is a stellar baker. She particularly loves making hamantaschen for Purim. Her whole family loves them, especially her young daughter who is obsessed with the jam filling.

Tema Smith | Director of Professional Development

Phone: (617) 431-3039 | Email: tema@18doors.org

As Director of Professional Development, Tema works in partnership with Jewish professionals, educators and clergy to help them develop the skills and tools they need to fully embrace interfaith couples and families. Before joining 18Doors, she was a synagogue professional, most recently as membership director of a large congregation, and completed a certificate in Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement at Hebrew College where she was a fellow. As a diversity advocate, writer, and educator, Tema uses her skills and passion to advance conversations and change around inclusion in the Jewish community. Tema is also a contributing columnist for The Forward. In her spare time, she enjoys searching out good coffee, craft beer, and new places to dance with her friends. She lives in Toronto with her stubborn yet lovable shih tzu, Tashi.

Becky Sowemimo | Associate Director, 18Doors Atlanta

Phone: 239-233-5606 | Email: becky@18doors.org

In her role as Assistant Director, Atlanta Innovation Hub, Becky collaborates with Rabbi Malka to develop interfaith programs, unlocking the role Jewish plays in their lives. Outside of work, Becky is a major player in the Atlanta music scene. She fronts the rock cover band “Almost Famous”. A huge fan of Jewish bakery treats, Becky can’t get enough of poppy seed hamantaschen.

Jamie Steinfield | Executive Assistant and Operation Administrator

Phone: (617) 581-6860 | Email: jamie@18doors.org

When the opportunity arose to join the 18Doors team in early 2016, Jamie was excited to offer her professional organizing, fundraising, and event planning skills to the organization. As the Executive Assistant and Operation Administrator, working from the national office outside Boston, Jamie provides professional support to the entire staff to help the organization run efficiently. An avid lover of the outdoors, Jamie enjoys tennis, surfing, traveling and hiking with her husband.

Robin Warsaw | Program Manager

Phone: (215) 207-0990 | Email: robin@18doors.org

Utilizing her technical skills and community outreach experience, Robin is passionate about connecting interfaith couples and families with the resources and support they need. As a program manager and Saleforce guru at 18Doors, she is proud to collaborate with the Rukin Rabbinic Fellowship team and its mission. During her free time, Robin enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years, their two children, and four cats. She loves playing tennis, reading, watching Philly sports with her children, and cooking delicious Jewish recipes from Gil Marks’ cookbooks.

Nicole Wasilus | Director of Lifecycle Connections

Phone: (732) 881-1214 | Email: nicole@18doors.org

Nicole takes pride in directing the Jewish Clergy Officiation Referral Service which helps connect over 2,000+ couples and families annually to interfaith-friendly rabbis and cantors as 18Doors’ Director of Lifecycle Connections. When she’s not working, Nicole loves exploring new restaurants in Philadelphia with her husband, seeing independent movies, and taking her Insta-famous dog to the park. Her favorite Jewish dish is Kugel, a recipe her mother added to a community cookbook that she helped create in 1997 called The Happy Cooker.