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Hanukkah Story Intro

Yes, yes, yes, we know Hanukkah was a month ago. However, when we got all set up to blog, it was an absolutely crazy time for us, so we have some catching up to do. Now, about this Hanukkah story. It’s not directly wedding-related, but it does show a little about how we’re working to incorporate both families’ traditions into our life together. With that in mind, hopefully you’ll forgive us for this post not being exactly wedding-related…it is life-related.

So how did we get started writing it? My department at work (which Bryan’s work group supports, ergo, they are included in all of our festivities) goes a little crazy around the holidays (in fact, thanks to a less-than-PC department manager, it’s all CHRISTMAS stuff, not holiday stuff). Our department newsletter was doing a special “holiday theme” in December, so they asked for stories from anyone who celebrates a winter holiday other than Christmas. Bryan is opposed to pretty much any kind of religion in the workplace (unless you work for a religious-based organization), including his own, but after some cajoling and coercing, he agreed to co-write this story. It’s just a little glimpse of how the same holiday can be seen from different viewpoints. So, the first part is his, the second part is mine. We hope you enjoy it.

Bryan Daneman