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What You Need for Hanukkah This Year

Self-gifting is the same as self-love, right? Whether you need a new menorah, you covet a new craft in your life or you want to decorate your home for Hanukkah, this is your sign. There’s no better time to treat yourself than now, as the year winds down and the winter months approach us. Here’s what you need for Hanukkah to make your holiday better than ever.

Check out our list of items from ModernTribe, Peace Love Light, the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History, Arielle Zorger Designs and Jewish food influencer Micah Siva, organizations and partners we love working with; and a portion of the proceeds from your purchases in this guide goes to 18Doors. At Peace Love Light, if you enter “18Doors” at checkout, you’ll get 10% off. Happy shopping!

1. Latke Love to You Holiday Cards, Pack of 6 | $20.00

I love a cute, pun-ny card and it can often be challenging to find a variety of Hanukkah options in shops. Simple and written in gold cursive, alongside a little illustration, “latke love to you” is a great way to let the people in your life know that you’re wishing them a warm (and tasty) holiday season.

2. Everything Bagel Ornament | $20.00

Deck the halls with boughs of ….bagels! Whether on a Christmas tree if you also celebrate or on a door knob, this ornament makes for a great decoration celebrating Jewish American heritage.

3. Children’s Mini Wooden Menorah with Removable Candles | $14.00 (Code 18Doors for 10% off)

Keep this stylish menorah out all day and night, without worrying about anything catching on fire. Made for kids but equally loved by adults (a.k.a, me), this interactive menorah is a great first, or fifth, menorah for anyone.

4. Donuts Menorah | $45.00

Do you know someone who absolutely loves donuts (or are you that person)? Don’t wait another second; you need this adorable menorah. It’s colorful, cute and is sure to brighten up your home this winter.

5. Blue Menorahs Hanukkah Kitchen Tea Towel | $25

Arielle hand paints her patterns, and then transfers them onto a variety of mediums. This Hanukkah, she’s made stunning tea towels in two different prints: the menorahs you see above and these adorable dreidels. Because her shop is zero waste, all her items are made to order.

6. Hanukkah Fair Isle Pajamas | $54 for adults, $36 for kids

Cozy up to all eight nights of Hanukkah with these 100% cotton, organic PJ’s. This dreamy design—made by a family-run business who specializes in comfortable children’s pajamasfeatures dreidels, menorahs and Stars of David. Don’t miss their children and adult sizing!

1, 2, 3 Nosh With Me Cover

7. 1, 2, 3, Nosh With Me Kids Book | [$36 – 50% goes to 18Doors]

This sweet children’s book is the perfect gift for the kid in your life that’s new to Jewish food! With colorful illustrations and a fun way to learn about counting, 1, 2, 3, Nosh With Me will instill a long-lasting love of Jewish food and culture in any kids’ heart. Half of the proceeds of this book will go directly to supporting 18Doors and our mission of helping interfaith couples.

star of david decoration for hanukkah

8. Star of David Botanical Decoration | $39.00 (Code 18Doors for 10% off)

Go for the rustic, chic look with this beautiful wooden frame. You have a choice to get one with or without greenery. You can always get creative and decorate the frame yourself!

9. Pink Hanukkah Candles for a Cause | $14.95

Spend all eight nights with these pink Hanukkah candles, sized to fit most menorahs. These candles are “making the world a better place, one light at a time,” and help support Sharsheret, a nonprofit that supports women and families facing breast and ovarian cancer.

10. Latkes for Santa Claus | $16.99

This interfaith story follows Anna and her stepbrother as they decide what the best treats for Santa are. Sugar cookies? Noodle kugel? Grab this sweet story and be sure to check out the recipes at the end of the book.

11. Oak Street Menorah by Kate Spade | $75.00

For the person who loves a modern and contemporary approach to Hanukkah, this beautiful menorah brings an elegance to the Festival of Lights. Made from porcelain, this menorah will elevate any space and certainly remain a treasured piece for many Hanukkahs to come. And if you’re looking for a reminder on what to say when you light your menorah the first night, here are the blessings.

12. Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Gelt (Milk Chocolate Gelt listed below, too) | $4.75

I love this fair trade chocolate brand at all times of the year, but especially during Hanukkah because of their delicious Kosher certified gelt. Perfect for playing dreidel with, or just filling a bowl for midday treats, you don’t want to miss these chocolate coins. I’m a big dark chocolate fan, but they also offer milk chocolate if that’s better for you. Or, why not just order both?

13. “Love & Light” Candle Drip Tray | $58.00 (Code 18Doors for 10% off)

Tired of using tinfoil—and having to replace it every night‚ under your menorah every year? Ditch the eyesore, and get yourself this stylish trip tray. It’s so versatile, it can also be used as a serving tray for your favorite latkes.

14. Talia Mini Dreidel Terrarium | $24.00

Take your dreidels up a notch and fill these tiny terrariums with plants, gelt or whatever your heart desires. These are handmade, and the materials are produced by a collective of artisans from Moradabad, also know as India’s “Brass City.”

15. Hanukkah Sweater Earrings| $18.00 (Code 18Doors for 10% off)

Here’s a pair of festive, handcrafted earrings you never know you needed until now. Made with durable polymer clay and hypoallergenic stainless steel backs, you’ll likely be turning heads with this unique jewelry.

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