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Well, for a change it’s been me slacking in the posting department. I’ll give the excuse that I’ve been packing and moving and getting caught up in wedding details, but really, that’s no excuse.

This weekend was quite busy. I’m officially out of my apartment now, and Bryan’s house–our house (wow, that sounds good!)–is full of boxes and excess furniture (that we’re trying to sell). The dog is rather confused, and the boys are having fun playing in all the boxes and general mayhem that accompanies moving. Bryan’s Dad came over on Sunday afternoon and was a HUGE help (THANK YOU, PHIL!)–moving furniture, putting together furniture, hanging blinds, etc.

Now Bryan and I have the task of combining homes. You never fully realize how much stuff you have until you have to box it all up and unpack it somewhere else, especially when that somewhere else is an already full house! And in a cruel twist, there’s also something a little humbling about seeing how much space is left on a moving truck after it’s loaded with all (well, almost all) your worldly possessions.

Oh, and did I mention that the timing of the move is impeccable? We have Passover Seder tonight with Bryan’s family–a late night, if last year is any indication, when we’re still exhausted from this weekend. My parents will be in town this coming weekend for various activities (baseball games, wedding showers, Easter, bridal portraits). Then, the weekend after that, I’m co-hosting a shower (at the house) for a very close friend who’s getting married later in the month. We got to looking at calendars and Bryan and I realized that we have ONE weekend between now and our wedding that isn’t completely booked…So, we’ll be unpacked and really settled in, oh, a year. 🙂 Living out of boxes isn’t SO bad, right?

Julie Daneman