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Ashley Biden and Howard Krein’s Co-Officiated, Interfaith Marriage

We saw the article, [url=]last week[/url], about Vice President Joe Biden's futre Jewish son-in-law, Dr. Howard Krein. But there wasn't much interfaith fodder to go on. ABC reported,
[quote]A rabbi will be in attendance, likely because Krein's parents, who are active supporters of Israel and have recently visited the Jewish state.[/quote]

I'd love to know the end of that sentence as well. Let's fill in the blank: because Krein's parents
– wanted their religion represented?
– insisted that Jewish traditions be incorproated into the ceremony?
– enjoy seeing their rabbi in a suit and tie?
However that sentence should have ended, that's all we had to go on.

On Monday, [url=]we tweeted[/url], hoping folks might know more details about the weekend's wedding. Our pal [url=/blog/iff/december-holidays/in-response-to-an-anti-interfaith-voice/]Kate Bigam[/url] responded to our inquiry today, pointing us to an [url=]article by [i]the Forward[/i][/url]. It fills in some of the blanks:

[quote]The wedding ceremony, which was limited to 200 close family and friends of the bride and groom, was officiated by a Catholic priest, Father David Murphy, and a Reform Jewish Rabbi, Joseph M. Forman of [url=]Or Chadash synagogue in Flemington, N.J.[/url] Forman, a graduate of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Learning in Cincinnati, Ohio, assures [i]the Forward[/i] that the ceremony contained the typical elements of the Jewish and Catholic wedding ceremonies.

“A Ketubah was signed. The couple got married under a beautiful chuppah, made of natural branches with a cloth covering,” he said. The wedding ceremony started with the traditional burach habim and included the priestly blessing and the sheva brachot. The groom stepped on a glass at the end.”

Biden and Krein did not just go through the motions for a Jewish ceremony. Forman revealed that he met with the couple several times for prenuptial counseling.

The co-officiated wedding was held in a church, a first for Rabbi Forman. To the location criticism he said,

[quote]“I wish more of my colleagues, who were approached by interfaith couples seeking to include Jewish rituals in their lifecycle events, were more welcoming,” said the Rabbi, who is the son of a rabbi and has a sister that is also a rabbi and one that is a cantor. “The National Jewish Population Survey found that interfaith couples that had a Jewish clergyman at their wedding were more likely to belong to a Jewish organization than those where no Jewish clergyman was present.”[/quote]

If you're looking for a rabbi to officiate your interfaith wedding, we're here to help. We have a database of more than 500 rabbis and cantors throughout the U.S. and Canada. It's as easy as filling out our [url=]Jewish Clergy Officiation Referral[/url] form. (It's a free service!)

And "mazal tov" to the newlyweds, Ashley Biden and Howard Krein!

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Benjamin Maron

Benjamin Maron is the former Director of Content and Editorial Resources for 18Doors.