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25 Days and Counting

25 days to go! The final countdown has begun and I’m alternating between extreme excitement and nerve attacks. Let me clarify, though, that the nerve attacks are always about THE WEDDING, not THE MARRAIGE.

Yesterday evening, we ordered our wedding rings (maybe a little late in the process for some people’s comfort-zones, but when you’ve got a jeweler in the family…).

This morning, we had our final pre-marital session with Reverend Bassford. We discussed mostly logistics today. We went through the ceremony that Rabbi Marc wrote for us and made some minor tweaks. We discussed how the rehearsal would likely go, and some minor details about the day of the wedding.

After going over the ceremony, Reverend Bassford said she thought the ceremony was inclusive, respectful of both traditions, and very nice. We laughed a lot this morning, and at the end of our session, we prayed together. It was a great way to start the day.

Julie Daneman


Author: Julie Daneman