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Thank you for donating to the Ignite the Light Celebration!

Take the next step. Invite your friends to donate by sending them this link or sharing your donations on Facebook or Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to…

If you haven’t already registered, join us on December 7 for an evening celebrating the work and impact of 18Doors. Click here to register!

We are hosting a photo and story sharing campaign in honor of the Ignite the Light Celebration. This is your opportunity to maybe be featured at the event. Share a picture of your interfaith relationship, your multicultural family, or you as an individual. Click here to participate now!

While the Ignite the Light Celebration is a virtual event, we are asking others, if they feel comfortable, to invite their friends over to watch the event live. Would you be willing and able to host a watch party? Fill out this form and let us know!