Best Websites for Finding English Language Readings for Weddings

Wedding readings

Here are five of the most user-friendly, non-sectarian websites on the internet, offering a wide range of readings. The purpose of this resource is to be a time saver for rabbis and cantors, and to present them with possibilities for readings that they might not otherwise have known about. Rabbis and cantors may also find it handy to be able to share one or more of these links with couples who are looking for just the right readings for their ceremony.

1. The Wedding Readings Library (from

This collection of readings is smartly organized by category, including headings like “Classic and Traditional Wedding Readings,” “Love Poetry for Wedding Readings,” and even a category called “Jewish Wedding Readings.”

2. Pinterest

Like other Pinterest web pages, this one has dozens of readings “pinned” up to a virtual bulletin board, and people continue to add new ones.

3. 7 Non-cheesy wedding readings…

This web page provides just what it advertises: Seven striking, memorable readings that are artful without being pretentious or clichéd. Sometimes it’s nice not to have dozens of choices. There’s a wide range of styles among these readings.

4. Readings to have at a non-religious ceremony” (Note: scroll down – the readings just keep coming as you keep scrolling down.)

This web page is on a British site and it began with a person posting a question to an online forum asking, “Could anyone help me with a reading for my wedding?” The writer specifies non-religious as well. What follows are a few dozen readings posted by different responders.

5. “Jewish Wedding Readings

This web page is part of the website,, and it doesn’t have a lot of readings, but it does have some lovely contemporary interpretive versions of the sheva brachot. It also is a nice entry point into the website as a whole.

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