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Three Vegetarian-Friendly Hanukkah Menus for Couples, Kids and Gatherings

One of the best parts about Hanukkah is eating. This holiday is known for its fried foods, from latkes (potato pancakes) to sufganiyot (doughnuts). But planning vegetarian-friendly Hanukkah menus for the eight-day festival isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve got a busy work schedule, young kids or a party to host.

That’s why we’ve created three vegetarian-friendly Hanukkah menus to take the guesswork out of Hanukkah this year. Whether you’re looking to feed yourself or a group of people, check out these ideas featuring recipes from our talented 18Doors contributors.

brunch for couples menu

Hanukkah Menu For Couples

Take Shabbat brunch to the next level for the festival of lights with this romantic celebration of fall flavors. Start off with pumpkin cocktails and spend some time getting creative in the kitchen with latke eggs benedict. And because you need both sweet and savory for brunch, try out Jewish-Italian inspired pancakes. Finally, finish off your meal with an ode to Thanksgiving—cranberry sufganiyot.


Pumpkin Cocktails

Main (Savory)

Sweet Potato Latke Eggs Benedict with Miso Hollandaise

Main (Sweet)

Jewish-Italian Inspired Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes with Limoncello Cream


Cranberry Sauce-Filled Sufganiyot

family Hanukkah menu

Hanukkah Menu For Families

Featuring quick, healthy and seasonal ingredients, this menu is meant to keep everyone in the family happy and full. Start off with some kabocha squash soup made with homemade challah croutons, enjoy an easy-to-make skillet latke and end with either gingerbread sufganiyot or Hanukkah churros that kids can help make.


Kabocha Squash Soup with Garlic Challah Croutons


Family-Style Skillet Latkes

Side Dish

Spiced Carrot Salad


For a traditional Hanukkah dessert with a twist:

Gingerbread Sufganiyot

For an easier, more multicultural option:

Baked Churros with Dipping Jelly

party food ideas

Hanukkah Menu For a Party

Gathering a group of friends is always a lot of fun, but cooking for a holiday can be stressful. Here’s an assortment of finger-food, including two different latke recipes to wow your crowd: red and green latkes for a party with guests who celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah and show stopping za’atar carrot waffle latkes. Finish off the meal with our beautiful black-and-white sufganiyot as an ode to your favorite childhood (or adult) cookies.


Cider Mule (Our cider mule recipe is listed alongside other holiday party food ideas, such as Zucchini Latkes!)


Seven Species Cheese Spread and Barley Hummus


Za’atar Carrot Waffle Latkes

Red and Green Latkes


Black-and-White Doughnuts (Sufganiyot)

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