Synagogues and the Jewish Community

You’re in an interfaith relationship and considering joining a synagogue, but you’re not sure how you’ll be treated. Many in the organized Jewish community welcome interfaith families with open arms, but many do not. Learn about the Jewish community’s complicated—and often flawed—approach to intermarriage in’s archive of articles, resources and external links.

Getting Ready for Synagogue

Going to synagogue for the first time can sometimes be a daunting experience. The architecture may be unfamiliar, the ritual items foreign and words are used in languages other than English. Knowing what to expect, in advance of your first visit, will help you feel more comfortable in this space. To that end, we have created a new video, What To Expect At A Synagogue, that takes us inside the building and into the sanctuary.

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Websites for more information on the Jewish community’s approach to intermarriage:


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