Shavuot Recipes

It is customary to eat a dairy meal at least once during Shavuot. One reason is that it is a reminder of the promise that Israel would be a land flowing with “milk and honey.” Another reason might be because the Israelites abstained from eating meat as part of their purification before receiving the Torah. No one really knows how this tradition started, but it is a good excuse to indulge in dairy delicacies!


Ashkenazi Baked Rice Pudding

Black + White Creamsicles

Custard Peach Pie

Japanese-Style Baked Cheesecake with Fresh Berries

Key Lime Bars

Lemon Tofu “Cheese”cake

Pomegranate Ice Cream

Semolina Cara Cara Orange Cake

Tahini Vanilla Ice Box Cake

Vegan and Non-Dairy Desserts

Sides & other savory dishes:


Bulgar Wheat Salad (Tabbouleh)

Four Cream Cheese Schmears for Shavuot

Goat Cheese and Grape Salad

Hungarian Green Bean Soup

Iraqi Noodle Omelets

Leafy Lettuce and Fruit

Sephardi Stuffed Artichokes

Sweet Summer Kugel Bites


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