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Shavuot: The Basics

Available in on-screen reading friendly (PDF) and printer-friendly, downloadable (PDF) versions.

Shavuot has both historical and agricultural significance. Two main themes of the holiday are Torah (and the story of Ruth) and agriculture. An important holiday, it’s also one of

The 15 Steps of the Seder (with videos!)

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The Hebrew word “seder” means “order,” as in order of events—so rest assured there are many traditional steps to a seder. And although pretty much everyone’s seders look different, they are

What’s on The Passover Seder Table?

What’s on The Passover Seder Table?

Click the icons below to learn about some of the items on the Passover table, including the seder plate. To learn more about Passover, check out our Guide to Passover.

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