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Passover in Paris

I walked through the open-air market, filling my bags with the new spring garlic, brilliant vegetables, fresh-caught fish, and fragrant herbs. Preparing for Passover seders takes a long time; in our case, it was several years. And the place was

Broken Line

We are blessed with a loving relationship with our two sons. When our younger son met the gal he planned to marry, we flew to California to meet her. She was bright, beautiful, funny, and not Jewish.

I was surprised

Interfaith Infertility Issues

Several years ago, I led a support group for women experiencing infertility. As often happened in such groups, members got to talking about why they were being “punished” for infertility. Spontaneously, the women began to offer up

My Big Fat Not-So-Jewish Wedding

“I’m getting married!” The words rang out as I announced the news to my parents. “Mazel Tov!” (Congratulations!”), my father exclaimed. My mother scoffed, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” There was a reason for mom’s disparaging remark. I

Writing Our Own Haggadah

Pesach (Passover in English) is about freedom, myth-making, Jewish identity and cultural history—plus family and food. It’s like Thanksgiving, only Jewish. Even Jews who don’t celebrate any of the other holidays of the year tend to celebrate Pesach.

This is