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As Our World Implodes, I Bake Challah

Last week I had 6 dollars and 97 cents in my checking account.

And I’m not so worried. To me, money isn’t everything—bread is.

I live in a one-bedroom apartment with my three children and husband—who just recently went back

Did You Take Notice?

I struggled with writing this note to you. Another synagogue, another shooting, another person dead and more wounded. First Pittsburgh, then New Zealand and Sri Lanka, and now, Poway, a short distance away from San Diego. Ma nishtana? What’s different?

Charting a New Course

We live in a world filled with hate. It seems as each new day dawns, we are reminded of this very concept. Charlottesville, Paris, London, France, Spain, the list continues to grow. Even my beloved alma mater, The Ohio State