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10 Rosh Hashanah Recipes for a Sweet New Year

When I think of Rosh Hashanah recipes, I think of the spiced apple cake my mom used to ship to me in Maine when I was in college. I’d walk around the library, sharing it with friends who never had anything like it before and explained to them it was the Jewish New Year. It was one of my favorite things, receiving that package every year. 

Jewish holidays and food go hand in hand, and we learn to associate certain flavors with traditions. For Rosh Hashanah, it’s all about bringing sweetness into the new year. Traditionally, for Ashkenazi Jews, that means apples and honey or a symbolic, round challah. Sephardic Jews have a special Rosh Hashanah seder that is full of harvest foods like pumpkin and dates. 

You’ll see many twists on holiday classics below that are inspired by cultures throughout the world. Looking for more recipes than just the ones below? Check out all our high holiday-inspired dishes.

1. Japanese-style Apple and Honey Roll Cake

Inspired by the fruitiness of Asian desserts, this twist on a traditional Rosh Hashanah honey cake will brighten up your table. You’ll love the light and airy Japanese sponge cake with whipped cream, spiced apples and honey rolled in. 

2. Cinnamon Roll Challah With an Italian Twist

With the cooler weather settling in, try this comforting challah recipe. Influenced by Italian cuisine, it features rum-soaked raisins and is a special recipe to ring in the Jewish New Year as it’s a round challah. 

3. Honey Tzimmes 

Tzimmes might be one of the most traditional Rosh Hashanah recipes. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get an upgrade. This version makes a few healthier swaps while remaining a key part of a classic Rosh Hashanah meal.

4. Pineapple Tart Rugelach 

This cookie is a “marriage of Jewish rugelach and pineapple tarts” and is full of history and culture making it a special Rosh Hashanah recipe. These flavorful beauties have the right ingredients for a flaky and crumbly dough, mixed with a homemade pineapple jam. 

5. Apple & Honey Pastrami Hash  


Breakfast hash now has a High Holiday twist. Celebrate Rosh Hashanah morning with this hearty breakfast, made with a Jewish deli staple—pastrami—and add a little honey to start your day on the sweet side of the bed. 

6. Round Challah 

Homemade round challah with sesame seeds. Traditional freshly baked jewish pastry. Top view.

During Rosh Hashanah, we eat a round challah. A round challah, like a circle, has no beginning or end—symbolically giving hope and infinite blessings for the coming year. Learn how to make one for your table with this illustrated, easy-to-follow and delicious recipe from our friends at PJ Library. 

7. Apple & Honey Hand Pie Pockets 

Grab your kids because this recipe is made especially with the young ones in mind; these sweet and festive holiday pies are easy to make and feature instructions for young kids to follow along to help you.

8. Ethiopian Chicken Schnitzel With Hot Honey 

Crack open the spices and upgrade from boring old schnitzel to a recipe that blends Eastern European, Israeli and Ethiopian cuisines. Alongside homemade hot honey, you’ll be welcoming 5784 with a whole lotta flavor. 

9. Blueberry and Honey Bourekas 

Sweet and reminiscent of Israeli “bourekas” with their puff pastry, soft bite and tahini honey, these bite-size treats are sure to bring you and yours some sweet wishes for the year ahead. 

10. Apple and Honey Ginger Crumble 

Ditch the time commitment of a homemade crust and go for this simple—but equally delicious—crumble. It’s full of comforting autumn flavors and a hint of unexpected spice. Don’t miss the video to learn how to make this!

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