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Passover Recipes

These Passover recipes are drawn from articles that have been published on our site over the years. For more, visit our recipe page.

Passover Recipes List:

Seder Dishes

Charoset, three ways – This tropical charoset incorporates some of the best Hawaiian flavors and is a sweet enough for a light dessert.

Haroset, diaspora – The use of charoset in Passover recipes has evolved as the Jewish diaspora spread across the globe.

Eggs, red – white eggshells absorb brilliant pigment from steeping for hours with skins from brown, or better yet, red Spanish onions.

Haroset (with dried fruit) – Using a variety of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, dates, also bananas, these recipes expand our understanding of what haroset may be.

Haroset (with fresh fruit) – includes at least one type of fruit or more. The fruits can be fresh or dried or both.

Haroset, sherry – tasty Haroset is made with walnuts, cinnamon, liquid artificial sweetener and sweet sherry.

Haroset, Syrian – sweet date-based, Syrian-style charoset for Passover seder

Haroset, tropical – An unusual haroset, in that it is cooked.

Matzah, seasoned – many ideas for you to make the best Passover dessert that you’ll crave all year long.


Deviled Egg Cobb Salad with Smoked Salmon Tartines – this cobb salad with salmon is an addicting mix of salty, bold, and zesty flavors.

Fresh cod cakes – A quick and delicious cod and matzah fish cake recipe.

Gefilte fish, smoked whitefish with lemon-horseradish sauce

Japanese Kamaboko (Fishcake)-Inspired Gefilte Fish – These fish patties are an excellent first choice for your seder meal or a great snack in the afternoon.

Matzah ball soup, classic

Matzah ball soup, with asparagus and shiitakes

Tori Avey’s matzah ball soup – This Passover recipe makes a thick, tasty broth that is suitable for serving with matzo balls.

Matzah balls – A jewish classic that can be compared to a traditional dumpling for Passover soup.

Matzah Brei with Onions, Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraiche – shaped like a Spanish tortilla and mixes traditional Jewish flavored onion, smoked salmon and creme fraiche.

Matzah Meal-Crusted Quinoa Cakes – Packed and coated with matzoh balls meal, fast pan-fried cakes

Mushroom dip – Creamy dipping has all the taste of stuffed mushroom caps with onions

Salmon sushi (served with chipotle marinade for ceviche, beet salsa and cucumber yogurt sauce) – This is a genuine Passover recipe that gives you a combination that is as beautiful as it is delicious!

Soup, beef stock – this flavorful vegetable soup includes beef broth and filled with vegetables.

Soup, spinach-mint – very delicious soup topped with mint leaves for a fresh topping


Asian Meatballs meatballs– a great alternative and non-traditional Passover dish.

Bagels, Passover – Bagels are prepared with matzo meal that is cooked, and are suitable for Passover.

Brisket, easy onion-braised – brisket braised with onions for a simple, flour-free gravy.

Brisket, southern dry-rub – Nothing is quite like a smoked brisket and there is no alternative to the current dry rub smoked brisket recipe.

Brisket, stove top – Cooked brisket on the stovetop

Chicken in honey-mustard marinade – chicken breasts in the Honey mustard.

Chicken, lemon-fried, with tart salad topping

Kugel, Apple Matzah – A traditional dessert kugel recipe for Passover with apples

Kugel, dairy matzah – Kugel has been a staple of Jewish cooking for centuries

Kugel, farfel – Usually served at the Passover dinner, Farfel kugel is a Jewish pudding, but can be consumed at any period of the year.

Kugel, Morrocan-flavored carrot

Kugel, Passover noodle – This Kugel is baked and made with noodles.

Kugel, Potato with Preserved Lemon – Savory Potato Kugel with Preserved Lemon for Passover

Kugel, sweet vegetable – This Vegetable Kugel is full of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and more.

Lamb shanks – a cheap cut of meat that is madeb est when cooked slowly.

Lamb, roast (for Easter–not kosher for Passover) – flavor-packed lamb roast recipe with potatoes.

Latkes, matzah meal and cottage cheese – cheese latkes that are perfect for Passover.

Macaroni and cheese, Passover-style – a delicious and enjoyable substitute for pasta during Passover.

Matzah Chilaquiles –  stewed tomatoes and eggs that make a match made in heaven.Matzah Chilaquiles - Breakfast for Passover

Matzah brie primavera – a classic Jewish dish of fried matzah.

Matzah pizza – a quick and easy Passover recipe to make.

Mojo, a Puerto Rican garlicky sauce

Plantains, in red wine

Pot Roast, Cranberry – An easy, tasty braised beef recipe, roasted with fresh cranberries

Rice, basic Middle Eastern*

Rolls, Passover (Abrams) – the equivalent of Passover popovers.

Rolls, Passover (Korman) – kosher rolls that suit and taste great for Passover.

Sea bass in lime cream sauce – A delicious green onion, lime and cilantro cream sauce is mixed with the fish.

Spinach Farfel – Farfel is a typical Passover meal and comes in various types.


Burmolikos, Bulgarian Matzah Puffs – soft, mild egg and matzah puffs, fried in oil.

Brownies, Passover – the perfect Passover dessert.Chocolate Berry Pies

Cake (Hungarian chocolate walnut torte) – a luxurious and moist confection of chocolate.

Cake, cocoa cream layer – it has a whipped cream filling and chocolate icing on three layers of chocolate cake.

Cake, Fanny’s flourless chocolate – typically eaten at Passover, a pleasant relief from the usual macaroons and sponge cake.

Cake, Hazelnut Brown Butter – quick, unpleasantly simple and ideal for Passover.

Candy, rocky road – perfect for gift giving during the Passover holiday.

Chocolate Berry Pies (grain-free and vegan) – incredible vegan gluten-free pie crust and exquisite filling.

Chocolate icing – use this rich chocolate frosting with any of your Passover desserts.

Cobbler, strawberry rhubarb – This Passover recipe also comes courtesy of Lorraine Shapiro, very delicious!

Compote, spring – this fresh compote features not just citrus, but rhubarb, raspberries, and prunes.

Compote, strawberry-orange, with stuffed dates – a pleasant, light and flavorful way to end the Passover meal.

Cookies, chewy chocolate

Cookies, cinnamon balls

Cookies, coconut

Cookies, flourless pistachio

Flan, orange

Granola, Passover

Granola, Matzah

Macaroon crumble, mango and sour cherry

Macaroons, toasted almond-coconut

Mandelbread (cookies)Vegan Funfetti Cheesecake Bites

Matzah pancakes (gremchelich)

Matzah, Chocolate Caramel

Pears, stuffed and poached, with chocolate sauce and vanilla sabayon

Sponge cake – topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Best served as dessert at a seder.

Sugar, Passover confectioners’ – contains cornstarch and is not kosher for Passover.

Vegan Funfetti Cheesecake Bites – these delicious cheesecake bites are the perfect treat for Passover.

*Ashkenazi Jews, who comprise the majority of Jews in the U.S., do not consider rice kosher for Passover. Sephardic Jews do consider rice kosher for Passover.


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