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Parenting Email Series

laughing toddler

Parenting young kids is full of pitfalls where we can get stuck on the difficulties of the day-to-day of meeting our children’s needs, not to mention our own. The pandemic has turned everything on its head. Daily life looks different than it did a few years ago. It was already hard to “balance” things, and with kids in the picture these days, we’re struggling to find even a moment of equilibrium.

This email series is designed for parents in interfaith families with children ages 2-6 who are interested in exploring ways to infuse Jewish values into the routine of their daily life and to bring more peace, spirituality and love into their parenting. We address some of the specific challenges of this extraordinary time and ways Jewish wisdom can help you and your kids think about and move through your day. Each of the 8 emails contains a Jewish story or value connected to the real challenges and joys of parenting with practical advice and tools.