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The Lone Muslim at Passover Camp

I am pretty sure that I was the only Muslim at Passover camp this year. A retreat in the beautiful mountains of northern Georgia, Camp Ramah Darom offers Jewish families the chance to get away for the week of Passover.

Frittata Flowers for Mother’s Day

1.  Wash your hands. Ask a grown up to turn the oven on to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.  Find a big bowl, a cutting board a whisk or a fork, scissors, a 2 cup glass measuring cup with a spout, and a

Meeting People Where They Are

This post originally appeared on and is reprinted with permission

Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, a leading Conservative rabbi whose essay in March explained why he thought Conservative rabbis should continue to not officiate at weddings of interfaith couples, has a

Don’t Sweat the Jewish Stuff

The days prior to my son Julian’s bar mitzvah service I worried about how my non-Jewish mother-in-law was digesting all this Jewish “stuff” that preceded the actual Shabbat service. I kept wondering if she was uncomfortable or