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Ignore the Shrimp on the Buffet

If you’re checking your trusty Torah for kosher laws, you’ll notice that right down the page from telling us all the animals that we may eat must chew their cud and have split feet, it clearly states, “anything living

Synagogues and the Jewish Community

You’re in an interfaith relationship and considering joining a synagogue, but you’re not sure how you’ll be treated. Many in the organized Jewish community welcome interfaith families with open arms, but many do not. Learn about the Jewish community’s complicated—and

The Unraveling of Tradition

This year’s Rosh Hashanah became the beginning of a challenging New Year. Approaching the middle of my third trimester with a two-year-old at home I refused to cook. I spent the Wednesday afternoon before the festivities with my feet up

Positive Outlooks Greet the New Year

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The discussion about Conservative rabbis officiating for interfaith couples has quieted, other than a terrible piece by one of the Cohen Center’s own researchers, that I blogged about separately. I’d

And A Child Shall Nag Them Into It

“I want us to have a Christmas tree,” my 4-and-a-half year old announced one day, full of that fervor which only a preschooler can possess.

Alina with her family, small lawyer on hip

“We can’t have one,” I replied, full