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Boy Wonder

When I had my bar mitzvah 18 years ago, it was truly all about the party. Back then, at least at my synagogue and in my community, there was no required community service project, kids didn’t lead the service and

Hope, Not Fear

I started 18Doors, formerly as an independent non-profit in January 2002. There was a time three or four years into it that I gave serious thought to closing down. I started to write an essay that I thought I


(In which someone finally answers the question, “What about…Naomi?”)

Shavuot begins Sunday evening. Though it’s not a minor holiday in Jewish terms, it doesn’t have as much of a presence in the United States as other, better-known Jewish holidays. To

A Different Spring Dilemma

My immediate family is all Jewish, proudly and actively so, but my extended family, like many, if not most, American Jewish families, has Jewish and members who are not Jewish.

Of course, every Jewish family has

Why Jewish Summer Camp?

Overnight summer camp is awesome. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a former camper who disagrees.

But why do parents send their kids to summer camp? More specifically, why do Jewish parents send their kids to Jewish summer camp?