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Speaking to Your Children about Death

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Your mother-in-law has died and your elementary school aged children are struggling. What should you tell them that that Jews believe about death?

If you were raised as a Christian,

Tips for Inclusive Wedding Ceremonies

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As interfaith weddings are becoming more common, cultural differences can add more stress to the occasion, especially if couples seek to honor both religious traditions. In fact, how to make wedding

Making Shabbat: Variations

People talk about keeping Shabbat, observing Shabbat, or making Shabbat. By “keeping” or “observing,” they mean following basic principles in Jewish law about not working on Shabbat. By “making” Shabbat, they mean doing the preparatory work of cooking and readying

Orpah: A Shout-Out for Shavuot

Originally published June 2005. Republished April 15, 2013.

Like many of my friends who have chosen to convert to Judaism, I frequently find myself, during certain liturgical moments, listening for what my friend Danielle refers to as “the convert