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Recommended Books for Interfaith Weddings

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Diamant, Anita. The New Jewish Wedding, Revised. (272 pages, Scribner, 2001)

Kaplan-Meyer, Gabriele. The Creative Jewish Wedding: A Hands-on Guide to New & Old Traditions, Ceremonies & Celebrations. (244

A Wedding Without Klezmer

My brother Sheldon was the only one in our family to go to college. He was the youngest. My sister and I and our other two brothers were older and working and could afford to contribute to support the

Mourning on a Schedule

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The schedule of Jewish mourning is logical and familiar: for a week, a month, and a year after the burial, there are expected mourning activities, which grow less intense as

Easter Seders and Passover Bunnies

What do you do when your mother-in-law sends chocolate Easter bunnies to your Jewish children? When she brings Easter bread to your Passover seder? When you find that the drug store has sold you Hanukkah wrapping paper in April for

Havdalah Blessings

For those looking for a quick, easy reference to guide them through the Saturday night Havdalah blessings, this resource is for you!

Our handy Havdalah Blessings, in an easy-to-print PDF format, includes the four blessings needed for this ritual, plus

Lasagna and Hamantashen

Reprinted with the permission of Reform Judaism magazine, published by the Union for Reform Judaism. Originally published in the Winter 2007 issue under the title “Celebrating Our Differences.” Also see Beverly’s daughter Joelle’s essay, I’m a Jew Just Like

Giving Up Jewish Christmas

I am the Jew in my interfaith marriage. Both of my parents are Jewish. But when I think of the December holidays, I reminisce primarily about Christmas, a holiday we always celebrated because my parents loved the romance of

Giving up Christmas and Celebrating Ourselves

True confessions: I love Christmas–the music, the spirit, the decorations, even the fruitcake. I have a great fruitcake recipe.

When I was a child growing up in Queens, N.Y., Christmas was the time my grandmother and her sisters–all Jewish–gathered

Elijah’s Cup and Miriam’s Cup

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The biblical prophet, Elijah, is a major figure in the biblical books 1st and 2nd Kings. In Jewish tradition, Elijah is associated with the hope for the arrival of the Messiah

Creative Passover Seder Ideas For Adults

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The Passover seder is meant to be engaging. The most traditional seder features storytelling, singing, foods as teaching tools, questions and answers, and an emotional journey.

Children have a special role

A Catholic’s Confession

In an interfaith couple, the religion you bring to the marriage becomes like your family of origin. While it is okay for you to find fault with it, heaven forbid your spouse has any criticism. Luckily, Barry, my Jewish