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A Kosher-for-Passover Crisis

Four nights into my first Passover, I blew it.

I had mustered up all the will power I could, but it just didn’t sustain me. Nor did the rice and beans I’d allowed myself after deciding (as only converts

A Mexican Passover

The country that gave the world tacos, enchiladas and tamales would hardly seem to be a haven for kosher cuisine, but small numbers of Jews have lived in Mexico for centuries. Today’s approximately 50,000 Jews are mostly based in Mexico

Our “Jewish-ish” Wedding

Unless you’re one of those couples that elopes to Vegas, chances are, planning your wedding won’t be easy. In our case, we made things more difficult by having an interfaith wedding. We took on the task of trying to

Our Non-Religious Jewish Wedding

It’s hard to imagine American families more different than mine and Dan’s. My parents are liberal middle class secular Jews. Dan’s parents are conservative working class devout Christians.

As a child, my family attended a Reform synagogue and celebrated Jewish

Our Wedding: Our Own Terms

October 30, 2014

My husband Josh and I got married on July 20th in an interfaith ceremony that turned out to be the most meaningful ceremony we could have imagined. Our wedding reflected both of our cultural and spiritual

Pre-marital Counseling

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Seeking out some wisdom and advice about healthy and successful marriages is good common sense, regardless of whether a couple is interfaith or not. Even if a couple rarely has disagreements