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Our Year of Firsts

Our special program for engaged or newly married couples

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Deepen your relationship with your partner and celebrate an exciting year together.

What this Program Includes

Virtual Discussions

Future cohorts to be announced.

Special Gifts!

We’ll send you gift cards for a unique pick-your-own-Judaica experience with our partners Modern Tribe to help bring Jewish culture and practice to your home.

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Topics of Conversation

Some of the topics you can expect to discuss are as follows:

  • Understanding Where We Come From
  • Shabbat and Havdalah
  • How to Create a Jewish Home
  • Confronting Antisemitism
  • Food and Culture

What Our Participants are Saying

 I valued and appreciated these opportunities so much. I don’t know where else I would find this community outside of this… I never felt this welcome or comfortable to engage in this way in other communities.

Lyndsay W. (Boston, MA), Our Year of Firsts Participant

[Our Year of Firsts] inspired us to come up with more creative/ fun ways to incorporate traditions into our lives.

Heather B. & Kenny F. (New York, NY), Our Year of Firsts Participants

I have a new appreciation for all aspects of religion and the religion that [my partner] follows… I’ve never developed my own attachment to religion but this helped me understand my partner’s religion and helps me understand why he does what he does.

Neha K. (Cambridge, MA), Our Year of Firsts Participant

We were very touched by the gifts, it made an impact and made me feel like we were on a journey together.

Marian P. (Montreal, Canada), Our Year of Firsts Participant

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Does this describe you and your partner?

  • We’re an interfaith (intercultural, dual faith, Jew-ish, etc.) couple.

  • We want to create new traditions & celebrate Jewish holidays in a way that is meaningful to us.

  • We’d like to figure out how we want our religious or spiritual lives to look in the future.

  • We could use support from a welcoming and non-judgmental organization.

  • We’d like to hear how other interfaith couples are navigating this.

If so, you’d be perfect for Our Year of Firsts.

Cost: $150 per couple to participate in the cohort program. Financial assistance is available. 

Questions? Contact Molly Kazin Marshall.

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Want to register for a future session? Learn about upcoming cohorts.

Meet Our Facilitator

Molly's headshot

Meet Molly Kazin Marshall

As Director of Community Engagement and Special Projects, it’s Molly’s passion to connect interfaith couples in her community to resources and tools unlocking aspects of Jewish culture and traditions. With a passion for food and drink, Molly enjoys visiting the numerous breweries in the Boston area, plus baking and cooking at home. Kugel is one of her favorite foods, and is one of the few ways she will tolerate raisins. She especially loves hearing her friends who have never had kugel try to pronounce the word.

We’re Married. Now What?