Our Year of Firsts

Our new program for engaged or newly married couples

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Deepen your relationship with your partner and celebrate an exciting year together.

What this Year-Long Program Includes

Monthly Emails

On the first of every month, we’ll deliver curated content on a different topic straight to your inbox. It’ll include things like holiday cheat sheets, quizzes, date night ideas and conversation starters to discuss with your partner.

Quarterly Virtual Discussions

Quarterly Zoom calls including partner discussion prompts, small group conversations with other couples and Jewish teachings. We’ll explore the themes of upcoming holidays and other topics relevant to your interfaith relationship.

Monthly Virtual Meetups

In the months when we don’t have a virtual discussion scheduled, we’ll offer virtual meetups based on topics you suggest or vote on.

Special Gifts!

We’ll mail you special gifts four times a year to help bring Jewish culture and practice to your home.

A Place to Connect

You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group. This is a safe place to connect with one another and for us to stay in touch.

What Our Participants are Saying


We both really enjoyed the session (it was special to have the time to reflect as a couple and look forward to the future) and are looking forward to the next one!

Lindsay & James, Our Year of Firsts Participants


The workshop inspired me to come up with more creative/ fun ways to incorporate traditions into our lives.

Heather & Kenny, Our Year of Firsts Participants

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Does this describe you and your partner?

  • We’re an interfaith (intercultural, dual faith, Jew-ish, etc.) couple.

  • We want to create new traditions & celebrate Jewish holidays in a way that is meaningful to us.

  • We’d like to figure out how we want our religious or spiritual lives to look in the future.

  • We could use guidance from a welcoming and non-judgmental rabbi.

  • We’d like to hear how other interfaith couples are navigating this.

If so, you’d be perfect for Our Year of Firsts.

Cost: $54 (per couple) to participate in the entire year-long series

Questions? Contact Rabbi Robyn Frisch or Nicole Wasilus.

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