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Oprah Likes Mezuzahs

You might have seen stories about Oprah’s recent tour of one of Brooklyn’s [url=]hasidic[/url] (Orthodox), [url=]Lubavitch[/url] communities. It seemed to be a big PR moment for [url=]Chabad[/url].

There wasn’t an interfaith angle there for us (that would have been too easy!). But instead, [url=]Oprah mentioned, in her video interview with a member of Chabad[/url], the mezuzahs she saw on doorposts.

In speaking to the community’s sense of “reverence” and “faith in God,” she said,
[quote]”The power of God in your life… the sense of honoring that with the – what is it, the word that starts with an M, when you come in-?”[/quote]
The Chabad rabbi offers the word for her, “Mezuzah.” She continued,
[quote]”Mezuzah. When you come in the door. The sense of reverence for acknowledging that there is something, not just something but the power of God, that is greater than yourself, that we’re all here in service of that, is what I think has endured [in Jewish communities over the ages].”[/quote]

That’s certainly one reason that some may put a mezuzah on their home’s doors. But she continues, making me think that she could enjoy any number of our mezuzah resources, like our [url=/religious_life/spirituality/Mezuzah_Whats_on_the_Door.shtml]booklet (Mezuzahs: what’s on the door)[/url] or [url=/religious_life/spirituality/How_To_Put_Up_A_Mezuzah_-_Video.shtml]video on how to put up a mezuzah[/url].

[quote]”In the [family’s] home, they had a mezuzah in their doorway. And I love the very idea of a reminder every time you walk into the space, walk through the doorway, you touch it and are reminded that this isn’t just my home, it belongs to God. One of the things I’m always trying to do is to get people to look inward and to discover the path for themselves that they need….”[/quote]

Oprah, if you think your path needs a mezuzah as a reminder of a greater good, of God, of sacred space, I’d be happy to show you how to affix one to your home’s doors. Call me anytime.

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Benjamin Maron

Benjamin Maron is the former Director of Content and Editorial Resources for 18Doors.