Nicolette Robinson and Leslie Odom Jr.’s Second Baby and Oscar Performance

In case you weren’t aware (and I recently found this out, where have I BEEN?), there’s a seriously talented interfaith couple to swoon over: Jewish actress and singer Nicolette Robinson from Waitress and Hamilton’s Oscar-nominated Leslie Odom Jr.

Nicolette was raised in Los Angeles in an interfaith family with a Jewish mother.

In an interview with BroadwayDirect, she says, “We celebrated Christian and Jewish holidays, and I got an understanding of both sides of my background. I feel really grateful for that.” 

Leslie and Nicolette met when she was auditioning for a show in college and he was assisting director Billy Porter. The rest is history. And history, we’ve got our eyes on you. 

They were married under a chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) in late 2012 with Nicolette’s father officiating. Nicolette says on StyleMePretty, “He has long since been the unofficial family rabbi and we all look to him for guidance and advice. Also, there aren’t many people that know us as a couple better than he.” Check out these stunning photos from their magical day.  

Almost 10 years since then, the pair has managed to capture the hearts of many—especially with their jazzy cover of Ma’oz Tzur for Hanukkah last year. One fan comments on YouTube: “Can we petition for a Jewish album from Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson? I’d love to see their take on some Purim and Passover songs!” I’d be here for that, too. Leslie and Nicolette! 

Now, their first daughter Lucille Ruby has a baby brother—Able Phineas, who was born on March 25. In one of Leslie’s Instagram posts, we see Lucille holding her new, sleeping sibling. Decked out in a tiara and a huge smile, it’s clear that this sweet little family is full of love and happiness. (Also, Lucille turned four just last week. Happy birthday, girl!) 

Kveller points out that Able has roots in the Torah, but with a funky twist. Spelled “Able” but simply a variation of “Abel,” their new son is named after Adam and Eve’s son.  

Nicolette and Leslie have welcomed Able, nicknamed “Abe,” with warm, open arms. Leslie writes, “Watching Nicolette give birth to these kids…? Simply, the bravest acts I’ve ever witnessed from a foot away. I love you, sweetheart and I am in awe.” Wow, that’s the kind of love we can all aspire to.  

On top of all this good news—there’s more. The pair just had their first date night since Abe was born, and wow did they look gorgeous. Whereabouts? Nothing crazy, just the Oscar ceremony. Leslie was nominated for an Oscar for best original song, “Speak Now” from One Night in Miami and his performance is well-worth the watch. He was also nominated for best supporting actor for his portrayal of Sam Cooke.

Mazal tov to Nicolette and Leslie! Need baby naming resources? We’ve got you

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