Let us introduce ourselves!

It dawned on me this afternoon as I was finally able to log into the blog as an author for the first time that most of you will probably know nothing about us.  Yes.  I know.  You have read our articles here before, and you have spent many a bored workday looking at our Facebook profiles, but you haven’t formally met us.

Well.  Nice to meet you.

I’ll just start by saying that it is an honor for Lula and me to be able to share our thoughts and feelings about our impending nuptials with the interfaithfamily, family.

So Lula was brought up in a family that didn’t stick strictly to a single faith.  Her Japanese mother was influenced as a child by Christian missionaries.  Her Trinidadian/French Father was brought us in a southern Baptist family in Texas.  What a world!  When they started their family during the Vietnam War, I don’t think that they put too much thought into religiosity.  What that left were children who celebrated Christmas and had maybe had an Easter ham or two.

I was born and raised as a Jew from a Jewish family.  Too much food.  I still have the belly to prove it.  We were brought up in the conservative movement where I have pretty much stayed.  I work for the Jewish Publication Society here in Philadelphia and couldn’t love it more.  I wouldn’t call my self observant, but Lula might.  I feel like I learn more about Judaism each day and each time I learn more, I relate better.

We have a son, Raiden who is also Jewish just like his pop.  Rai is almost 10 months old and will be 16 months when we tie the knot on June 7th 2009 here in Philadelphia.

I think that we will have much to say.  I feel like this wedding is a process that comes along inch by inch every day.

We look forward to chronicling the journey here.

See you soon!


Alx Block


Author: Alx Block