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Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff: The First Interfaith Vice Presidential Couple

Kamala Harris will be the first of many things when she takes office as America’s Vice President—among them, the first female VP and the first VP with a Jewish partner. Her husband, Doug Emhoff, will be the first ever Second Gentleman. This interfaith couple is no longer just modeling #interfaithrelationshipgoals for their followers (read more about their relationship and interfaith wedding), they are also normalizing Jewishness in the White House and Jewish interfaith relationships for all of America and even the globe. Given what we know about these two—their love for one another and commitment to their respective heritages—we expect them to set a good example for Jews and for interfaith couples across the country.

This will be a presidential term of firsts. Kamala Harris will break down many barriers as the first female Vice President, and the first Black and South Asian person our country has seen in this position. We’re especially excited to see how her interfaith relationship adds to the multicultural celebrations in the White House for the next four years. (Of note, Joe Biden has Jewish grandchildren, and we hope to see his side of the family joining in on White House holidays like Hanukkah and Passover.)

Will Doug Emhoff’s religion have any effect on the country’s Jewish pride? Will their relationship positively affect the acceptance of interfaith couples in the organized Jewish community? Time will tell and we’ll be watching.

Photo: Instagram @kamalaharris

Lindsey Silken

Lindsey Silken is the director of content at 18Doors based in Natick, MA.