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Jewish Death & Mourning: Anita Diamant Answers Your Questions

Saying Kaddish by Anita Diamant

Jewish death and mourning rituals can be incredibly comforting, whether you are mourning the loss of someone who is Jewish or if you yourself are Jewish and mourning a loss. In order to answer questions that interfaith couples may have, we sat down with Anita Diamant, who literally wrote the book on this subject.

Diamant’s book, Saying Kaddish: How to Comfort the Dying, Bury the Dead, and Mourn As a Jew, was recently updated “for Jews of all backgrounds and beliefs.” You can learn more about the new version on her website and purchase it here.

The videos below were moderated by 18Doors board member, Mary Fernandez. Rabbi Robyn Frisch, Director of the 18Doors Rukin Rabbinic Fellowship, discusses Jewish mourning with Anita Diamant.

Introduction & The Funeral Service

Funerals & Burial in the Time of COVID

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How to Sit Shiva During COVID

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Burial & Cremation

All About Shiva (Jewish Mourning Ritual)

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Can You Sit Shiva for Someone Who’s Not Jewish? Can You Sit Shiva if You’re Not Jewish?

All About Kaddish

How Can We Honor the Memory of Loved Ones Who Have Passed?

How Can We Memorialize Loved Ones?

How Can You Find a Funeral Officiant if You’re Not Affiliated with a Synagogue?

Rabbi Robyn Frisch

Rabbi Robyn Frisch is the director of the 18Doors Rukin Rabbinic Fellowship. She lives in Philadelphia with her family.