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Jewish Clergy Officiation Referral Service Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Learn more about the 18Doors Jewish Clergy Officiation Referral Service below.

How does it work?

Here’s a quick look at how the Jewish Clergy Officiation Referral Service works:
  1. Answer some simple questions about you and the event you’re planning here.
  2. You’ll immediately be able to view a list of rabbis and cantors near your event area who meet your search criteria. To help narrow down your list, add more search filters.
  3. Learn more about each clergy by viewing their profiles. There you can read testimonials, view their policies, see photos of them at other events, find their wedding officiation fee, and more!
  4. Send rabbis and cantors you’re interested in talking to a message on our site.
  5. Last step, be sure to let us know if our service helped you connect to a rabbi or cantor. We love a happy ending!
And if you need any help, our team of professionals are here to support you! Chat with us on the site or shoot us an email.

Will my information be shared?

Don’t worry, your information won’t be shared outside of 18Doors. We provide you with the contact information of Jewish clergy but we won’t share your private information with them.

How should I pick a rabbi from the list you provided me?

Great question! You can use the additional search filters on the sidebar to help you narrow down your list to fit your needs. If you have a firm budget, search by their wedding officiation fee. The next step is to message a few clergy from the list who pique your interest. Give them the important details of your event and what you’re looking for. And if you’ve chosen a date for your event, share that to make sure they are available. Most importantly, determine if they are a good fit for you and your partner or family and if they’ll be able to provide the type of experience you are looking for by meeting or scheduling a time to talk by phone. Our 18Doors professionals are here to help you along the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out by email.

Will your rabbis/cantors officiate for my LGBTQ event?

At 18Doors, we value inclusion and diversity. It’s so important to us that we only accept rabbis or cantors on our referral list who will officiate for LGBTQ couples and families. This gives you peace of mind when looking for Jewish clergy for your event. We also have an LGBTQ resource page with lots of great articles and tips to help you along the way.

How do I choose the right clergy person who aligns closely with my/our unique needs and beliefs?

Our referral network is comprised of 500 rabbis and cantors, each with their own values, beliefs, personal boundaries, and relationship with Israel. Their own personal opinions and beliefs are not representative of 18Doors as an organization. We don’t require our referral clergy to hold specific views except that they officiate lifecycle events that they selected for interfaith couples/families and LGBTQIA+ couples on an equal basis. We require clergy to answer certain questions about their policies and requirements, which then appear on their profile. This allows you to see which rabbi or cantor may be a good fit for you. We recommend using your initial meeting to discuss your alignment on areas that are important to you to ensure compatibility. Additionally, our staff is here to provide support and assistance as needed to help you make a great choice.

I’m looking for a wedding officiant for my destination wedding. Will you be able to help?

We’ll do our best to help. We have some referral clergy part of our network who are based outside North America and some who may be willing to travel for your event. Feel free to email us if you need help.

What if my event plans are affected by the coronavirus?

We’re here to help. We can provide you with support and guidance & connect you to rabbis and cantors who can answer your questions. Reach out to our team here and browse our coronavirus lifecycle resources here.

What is the cost to use this service?

Thanks to the generosity of our 18Doors supporters, it’s our pleasure to provide this service free of charge. We’re always grateful for those who choose to pay it forward and donate to 18Doors as thanks for helping to connect them to a rabbi/cantor.

Can I fill out a request if I’m not the person that the event is for?

Sure you can. Just select who the event is for when asked (your child, another family member, or someone else).

How much do the rabbis or cantors charge?

As far as the cost for having a Jewish clergy officiate your ceremony, each rabbi and cantor sets their own price. Some clergy have chosen to list their wedding officiation fee on their profile. This is a question you should feel comfortable asking them once you determine if that rabbi/cantor is a good fit for you. Price varies greatly depending on the experience level of the Jewish clergy, the location, the number of pre-event meetings they require, and other factors.

What impact does the Jewish Clergy Referral Service have?

Our referral service connects over 2,000 couples and families a year to interfaith-friendly Jewish clergy. Whether the need is for a wedding, baby naming or funeral, we’re here to offer our help and expertise for some of the most important moments in life. 18Doors is the premier resource supporting interfaith couples and families exploring Jewish life and inclusive Jewish communities.

I know a great rabbi/cantor who I want to recommend. How can they join 18Doors’ referral list?

We’re so excited to hear that. You can pass this link to the Jewish clergy you recommend. Once they fill it out, we’ll review their eligibility to see if it meets our standards and hopefully, add them to our list of referred rabbis from there.

What are your eligibility requirements for rabbis/cantors on your referral list?

All rabbis and cantors on our list must officiate for interfaith couples/families and LGBTQ couples/families, have an ordination from one of our approved rabbinical schools, and not be censured or suspended by their rabbinic or cantorial associations. In order to ensure we are connecting you with helpful, responsive and qualified clergy, 18Doors reserves the right to remove clergy from our referral list who receive negative feedback from couples/families who we recommended to them.

How can I get more involved with 18Doors?

Interested in joining one of our local or national boards, hosting a fundraiser to support our mission, becoming a guest blogger or learning about other volunteer opportunities? Shoot us an email at and join us in creating inclusive Jewish communities. Do you have other questions? Contact Nicole Wasilus – Director of Lifecycle Connections at

Nicole Wasilus

Nicole takes pride in directing the Jewish Clergy Officiation Referral Service which helps connect over 4,000+ couples and families annually to interfaith-friendly rabbis and cantors as 18Doors’ Director of Lifecycle Connections. She began her career working for Hillel after graduating from Penn State University in 2011. Nicole received her Masters in Public Administration with a focus in Nonprofit Management from the University of Delaware in 2017. She was recognized in 2020 as a Jewish change-maker in a time of crisis by New York Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36.” When she’s not working, Nicole loves exploring new restaurants in Philadelphia with her husband, seeing independent movies, and taking her Insta-famous dog to the park.