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In Solidarity

We are heartbroken and angered at the murder of George Floyd—and the mirror it holds up to our society and the racism that exists in the United States. Many parts of our world are broken, and desperately need our help, and have for a long time now.

We stand with our black and brown friends and family members, and communities of color—and the diverse couples and families of 18Doors. We know that you are hurting, and that the beat of the drum of racism has taken its toll on your life, your health and your soul.

And, we know that as interfaith, intercultural, mixed heritage families, at our best, we can be bridges that foster understanding across cultures and religions. We have experience navigating between different backgrounds, religions and heritages. We are white families, families of color, and multi-racial families—and some of us have more experience talking about race than others. And we still have work to do to dismantle the racism and unconscious bias within ourselves, our Jewish community and our society.

As we continue to educate ourselves and look inward as an organization, we hope you will too—and that you will look for opportunities to help heal our world, and when given the option, to continue to #ChooseLove.

Please stay safe, healthy and strong. We need you in the fight for a more just and loving world.

Jodi Bromberg and Bruce Taylor
CEO and Board Chair


18Doors is here to support interfaith couples and families exploring Jewish life. We offer educational content; connections to welcoming organizations, professionals and programs; resources and trainings for organizations, clergy and other program providers; and our Rukin Rabbinic Fellowship provides offerings for couples in cities nationwide. If you have questions, please contact


Author: 18Doors