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How to Play the Dreidel Game

Have you ever wondered how to play dreidel during Hanukkah?

This simple spinning top game is easily enjoyed and is perfect for all ages. All you need is a dreidel (a top with four Hebrew letters on its sides), a pot (a bowl of pennies, gelt, nuts, or candies as a reward), and some friends or family members.

The dreidel game is highly popular to play on Hanukkah in many Jewish households and is a great way for family members of all ages to connect. The point of playing the game is to see who can win most of these rewards. If you want to start taking part in this holiday tradition, then we will show you how how to play dreidel.

So light your Hanukkah candles, eat some challah and kugel, exchange gifts, listen to Hanukkah songs, and play dreidel!

Have fun and happy Hanukkah!

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The dreidel game
How to play dreidel


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