Hollywood Now: What’s Keeping Hathaway Busy, Plus Peck’s Baby News

Matthew McConaughey & Anne Hathaway
Matthew McConaughey & Anne Hathaway. Credit: Graham Bartholomew/Aviron Pictures

Hathaway’s Busy Season

In the thriller Serenity, a blond Anne Hathaway plays the ex-wife of fishing boat captain Matthew McConaughey, who comes to him with a dangerous proposition. She begs him to take her abusive husband (Jason Clarke) out on his boat and throw him overboard, for a $10 million paycheck. “It’s a mystery, it’s sexy…it ripped me apart in a really good way,” Hathaway says. “It’s about the inheritance of violence. It’s not an easy film to talk about until you’ve seen it. I’m so proud of it.”

Serenity, out January 25, is her first film since Ocean’s 8 last year, and it’s the first of several due in 2019. She’ll star opposite Rebel Wilson in The Hustle, about two con artists who face off in a “loser leaves town contest,” due out May 10. It’s a remake of the 1998 movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. She’ll also appear with Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe the drama The Last Thing He Wanted, about a journalist who becomes an arms dealer for a secret government agency. Then she joins Bill Pullman and Mark Ruffalo in the environmental thriller Dry Run. She’s also set to appear in the Amazon anthology series Modern Love, which will also feature Andy Garcia, Tina Fey, and Dev Patel.

Josh Peck with his baby
Josh Peck. Credit: Twitter/@ItsJoshPeck

Hathaway is in an interfaith marriage with Jewish actor and businessman Adam Shulman and they have a son, Jonathan, who turns 3 in March. “He loves music,” says his mom. “He’s obsessed with The Lion King. But he hates my voice.”

Mazel tov to Josh Peck

Former child actor Josh Peck now has a child of his own. The Jewish actor and his wife Paige O’Brien, who married in June, 2017, welcomed son Max Milo Peck on December 29. Mazel tov!

What to Watch: The Invisibles

While most of the Jewish population was deported from Germany during World War II, 7,000 Jews went into hiding in Berlin and 1,700 survived, with the help of Germans who were not Jewish and who risked their own lives to help them. The experiences of four of these fortunate survivors play out in The Invisibles, a German film that mixes interview testimony from the two men and two women with dramatized reenactments in a riveting story. It opens in limited release January 25.

Cast of The Invisibles
Cast of The Invisibles

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Author: Gerri Miller