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Glee’s Cheyenne Jackson and Husband Jason Landau are Hollywood’s Sweetest Dads

Actors and interfaith couple Cheyenne Jackson (Glee and American Horror Story) and Jason Landau (American Dreams and Sunset Cafe), aren’t just talented onscreen—they’re also loving fathers to (almost) 5-year-old twins, Evan and Willow. These lucky kids have been on set, joined in on some pretty epic family Halloween costumes and clearly receive a whole ’lotta love from their parents.  

Cheyenne and Jason, who is Jewish, married in 2014 under a chuppah, a Jewish wedding canopy. It’s so sweet to see how supportive Cheyenne is of Jason’s Jewish identity—from dressing up their son in a hilarious Jewish T-shirt to posting Hanukkah photos on Instagram.  

Jason is clearly connected to his heritage, writing, “Tonight we celebrate being Jewish… tonight we celebrate tradition… tonight we celebrate fried food made with love… Happy Happy Hanukkah from the Jackson-Landau’s… sending all our love.” He wore a kippah (Jewish head covering) at the wedding and seems very proud of who he is and where he came from. 

The pair met at a sobriety meeting, and have supported each other on their journey abstaining from alcohol. Cheyenne told People, “We’ve both been through a lot in our lives. We got sober together. Now we sing and we dance together. It blows my mind.” 

So, what’re the two up to now? Despite the pandemic, Cheyenne is hard at work, playing Jakobs in Eli Roth’s upcoming film Borderlands. The film, a reimagined cinematic take on the cowboy space western video game of the same name, is expected to hit theaters in 2022.  

He’s also starring in a new comedy podcast, Hot White Heist, which features an all-queer cast. The trailer for the podcast was released this week and we can’t wait to tune in. 

As for Jason, he’s staying mum about future projects for now. Maybe he’s got his hands full with Evan and Willow, which is a good reason if you ask us. 

Sophie Mortman

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Author: Sophie Mortman