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Sample Readings to Welcome a New Baby

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Welcome in the Name of the Creator

Newborn baby feet

Welcome little one!

Blessed may you be all your days, all your life;

Blessed may you be wherever you are,

In all of your comings and in all of your goings.

Phonetic Hebrew transliteration (for a boy):

Baruch ha-ba b’shem Adonai

Baruch ata bair, uvaruch ata basedeh

Baruch ata b’voecha uvaruch ata b’tzaytecha

Phonetic Hebrew transliteration (for a girl):

Brucha ha-ba-ah b’shem Adonai

Brucha at bair uvrucha at basadeh

Brucha at b’voaykh uvrukha at b’tzaytaykh


We are gathered around this baby, the newborn child of        , to welcome him/her to the world, to make a place for him/her in his/her family, in his/her communities, and to announce the name by which he/she will be known in the world and among the Jewish people.

Submitted by Rabbi Brian Field

A Baby is Not Only a Unique New Life

ALL: A baby is not only a unique new life, but the symbol of all life. Her existence touches all who see her.

How many are Your works, Adonai!

In wisdom You have made them all;

The earth is full of Your creation.

Each new life brings added beauty to the world;

Each new life is a witness to God’s glory.

Submitted by Lesley Williams

Welcome into the World of Light and Shade

       , we welcome you into the world of light and shade, of work and play, of laughter and tears. All our flowers and all our wine cannot express how happy we are at your birth. All the caresses of our eyes and hands cannot measure the fullness of our love for you.

-Algernon Black

Submitted by Judith Seid

Welcome into the Human Community

       , we welcome you into the human community, this nation, the family of humankind and the House of Israel. In you we have hope for a better life. In you, we all share a new life, your inborn gifts and new ways of seeing. In your life, our lives will be continued. We will love you and cherish you all the years of our lives. We hope that you will always be happy with us and proud of your name. We know that your name will be a joy to all who will know you.

-Algernon Black

Submitted by Judith Seid

Welcome for Adopted Child

We welcome you as one born of our love, our genes, our seed and our blood. We welcome you, who do not share our genes, but share our love.

Not flesh of my flesh,

Nor bone of my bone,

but still miraculously my own,

Never forget, even for a minute:

You didn’t grow under my heart

but in it.

Siblings may say: We rejoice in the birth of our sister/brother and the growth of our family.

Submitted by Judith Seid, attributed to Fleur Conkling Heyliger


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