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Guide to Birth Ceremonies for Interfaith Families

We compiled the Guide to Birth Ceremonies for Interfaith Families as a way to help interfaith families navigate the process of planning a birth ceremony. It includes detailed information about what takes place at a brit milah, simchat bat or naming ceremony, as well as information on ways a child’s interfaith family can participate in the ceremony.

This guide opens with background information on birth ceremonies in the Jewish tradition, including information on special concerns for interfaith families. It continues with sample sequences for birth ceremonies and concludes with a wide array of sample readings, prayers and rituals to include in your child’s birth ceremony.

Table of Contents

Introduction to The Bris (Brit Milah)

Circumcision, Pros and Cons

Introduction to Birth Ceremonies for Girls

Baby Naming

Unique Considerations for Interfaith Parents

Sample Sequences of the Birth Ceremony

Sample Introductions to the Birth Ceremony

Sample Readings to Welcome New Baby

Traditional Birth Ceremony Blessings

Sample Readings for Ceremonies for Boys and Girls

Readings for Discussing the Covenant

Adaptations of the Five Senses Ceremony



Blessings over Bread and Wine

Additional Ideas for Ceremony

Sample Simchat Bat (Inspired by Dr. Seuss)

Sample Non-Cutting Naming Ceremony #1

Sample Non-Cutting Naming Ceremony #2


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Author: 18Doors